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Our Mission


Celebrating And Supporting Theatre Arts (CAST) is a nonprofit organization supporting excellence in theatre arts education and programming at Andover High School. We lend financial and moral support to enhance Drama Guild performances, to champion theatre education opportunities, and to celebrate student achievement.

Board of Directors


We are an organization of Drama Guild parents and alumni impressed by the excellence in theatre education provided by the Theatre Arts program at Andover High School. We are driven by having seen ourselves or our child's confidence blossom through being a part of something bigger than themselves! We share a deep desire for young people to be seen and for their voices to be heard through a strong platform that fosters artistry and talent at all levels. 

In November 2018, the school committee changed the rules around fundraising and booster organizations. We did not want to lose any support for the Drama Guild so we created a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We exist to complement our donor's and the Town of Andover's investment in the Andover Theatre Arts Department to maintain high quality programming and production activity. Our efforts aim to lower annual operating costs and fund ongoing program opportunities.

Message from the Director of Theatre Arts


"Theatre Arts is an important aspect of education at Andover High School. Our theatre productions as well as our curricular theatre arts courses provide a stage for student actors, enlist the expertise of student technicians and celebrate individual talents and collaborative efforts to create enlightened artists and scholars.

The Andover High School theatre arts program aims to teach essential theatre skills and foster a love and appreciation for this art form. Faculty and students collaborate to select material that is of the best quality and reflects the values as a community of learners.


For those students wishing to pursue an undergraduate education in theatre and the performing arts, the Theatre Arts Department strives to prepare these students by providing them with the knowledge, skills and opportunities necessary for establishing a life-long association with the theatre and performing arts.

Thank you for supporting the arts at Andover High School."

Board of Directors

David Bassi

Susan Gagne

Maha Ganesh

Debbie Lilley

Holly Ritzinger

Sue Rooney

Nina Wolfendale

Non-Voting Members
Susan Choquette | Katherine Buddinger | Paul Meehan


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